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Audio Transcript

We welcome you to a very special episode of the Spartan Mind Strength podcast. Today’s episode is going to be on yoga alliance and our retirement.

We mentioned yoga alliance and our retirement. So first we need to talk about yoga alliance and why we’re going to retire. So yoga Alliance, when was it?

It was fall of 2019

Actually even before then, we had quit yoga alliance because their standards had dropped so low to be a teaching school. It was just such a, it was actually almost.

It was a joke.


So we had left it and then they came back and said, we’re going to make the standards so much better so that not anybody could just teach a yoga alliance school. You can’t just open one up and just start teaching without knowing anything about yoga. So they had come back with some new standards that we actually were very proud of. We thought they were going to be great.

And it was a, and we rejoined yoga alliance. Actually, I remember writing the newsletter where we were saying “never say never”.

So we joined and here it is now two years later, almost two years later. Yeah. And none of the standards that they had promised that they were going to bring have come to fruition. Yes. So it’s actually, it, in fact, it looks like it’s even gotten worse. It’s going the opposite direction. So now you can be a yoga teacher training school with probably no experience teaching.

Having never been in a physical yoga studio or gym.

So, so now it’s made its way to where, and we’re seeing this because we’ve reopened our studio and we’re having yoga teachers come in that have graduated from yoga teacher training, not ours, but other ones and they want to teach here and they can’t even put a pose together, let alone a group of poses together, let alone a class. Yeah. It’s the worst I’ve seen of yoga teachers ever.

And that’s sad.

Because yoga has been a great, great, we’ve been involved in it since 1981 and this is the worst I’ve seen as people being able to teach yoga. It’s, it’s getting to a point where I want to be away from it.

And it’s actually, the other thing is along with, it’s a big part of yoga, but we really don’t think about it when we say yoga. Most people think yoga poses. The other dangerous thing is the whole breath work situation because now you have so many people thinking they are practicing breath work, or they are teaching breath work and it’s nothing like it should be. It’s dangerous.

So I’m going to get off my pedestal of, or my soapbox of why we are leaving yoga alliance. So that’s the main reason why we’re leaving yoga alliance. And with that, we will no longer be teaching. And this is the whole retirement part. We are retiring from teaching in-person and live online yoga teacher trainings. Yes. So we’re taking our 200 because we got a lot of great information and we’re taking our 300, which we have a lot of great 300 information and we’ve made, and we put a lot of people through our 200 and our 300. So we don’t want to just throw that information away. So we’re changing it from being a yoga alliance teacher training course, which was like 2000 or 2,500, depending on the course into a continuing education. So if you take our 200 hour, if you go to yoga alliance and you go to our continuing education course, or to our website, and you can then purchase our 200 hour full course, except for talking to us, for less than $200, and you can get 200 hours yoga alliance non-contact ceu’s.

And you can take our 300 hour full course, except for talking to us, asking us questions, for less than $300 and get 300 hours non-ontact yoga alliance ceu’s.

So for less than $500, you can do a full 500 hour. And I can say 500-hour now because we’re not doing teacher trainings anymore.

So, so in the past, we weren’t allowed to teach a 500 hour, because a 500 hour means you can not stop going from 200 to 300, but now we can do a continuing education for a full 500.

So we’re going to also be doing that with our sup and yoga teacher training. We have what, over 50 hours?

We have a lot of information, over 50 hours of continuing education.

And that’ll be going online for $99?

Yes, $99.

So a full continuing education in stand-up paddle and yoga, stand-up paddle and fitness and safety all for $99.

We’re also going to be doing our power yin. Yes. And we’re going to be doing our ayurveda classes and our Breathworks.


So all the courses that we’ve been doing for all this time in person, and then shifted to online stuff, in person online or live online, is all going to be available on continuing education as non-contact.


So we’ll be right back to talk about what we will be doing now that we’ve retired.

And now we’re going to talk about what we’re going to do now that we’re retired and I’ll start it off with a story. I was told by Bill and Dennis from the frogpod.

Bill came to me and told me a story. And the story was when he was talking about how he wanted to retire. And so he said to me that Tim, because I was asking him what he was going to do, he said: There was this fishermen who lived in a small town and he would go out and catch fish. And he was so good at catching fish that all of a sudden he had another boat. Then he had groups of people working for him. He had a cannery, he would then do all of this stuff with fish. And he ended up having 20 boats. He was working all the time, catching fish, working, working, working, and then he retired.

So what did he do? He went out and bought a little boat and went fishing. So, so what we’re going to be doing is sort of like what we started with, we’re going to do private training, one-on-one, we’re going to be doing private breathwork training, we’re going to be doing ayurveda one-on-one, we’re going to be doing private yoga one-on-one, we’re going to be doing electronic gem therapy. Yes. Which has been great, because you’ve been doing that like you’ve been, you’ve had a person every day this week. Right when you were able to open up, you started picking up clients for the, for the electronic gem therapy.

We’re going to be studying about training that we want to get back into. We’re going to train ourselves. Yes. And, and we have been playing with crystals and we’ve been playing, we’ve been able to get all the crystals that we had a long time ago out of storage and start playing with them.

And we’ve been selling them here and enjoying that like crazy.

And they are high maintenance, they demand attention.

So we’re getting back to what we started when we first opened. Private, one-on-one talking about breathwork, talking about fitness, talking about yoga, talking about meditation, talking about ayurveda and talking about crystals.

And that’s where we’re going back to, it’s going all the way back to retirement and doing exactly what we had fun. Not that we didn’t have fun doing teacher training, but it’s just difficult doing teacher training with the rules of yoga alliance for a 200-hr and a 300-hr.

Yes. And, we don’t feel like having to negotiate with yoga alliance because they’ve never actually come through with anything they had promised.

Nope. Nope. It’s been, it’s been since 2001 and they’ve never told me the truth.

Exactly. So you also have to know when to just step back and say, this is not worth it anymore. Yeah. And given where the planets are right now.

Oh, and yeah, we’re going to start back into doing astrology again.

Saturn retrograde and Mercury retrograde. It is the perfect time to actually sit down and say what hasn’t been working and how much more am I going to push towards that direction? That’s what Saturn says. It’s it’s the perfect, perfect, perfect teacher. So having said that farewell to yoga alliance teacher trainings.

Yup. And hello more podcasts. We can play with those because I love doing podcasts. I want to do more YouTube’s. We’re playing with Instagram again. We’re able to have the time to do the things that we want to do and we see more benefits from, so we’ll be seeing you soon.

Until next time, much, much love from both of us. Na’maste kala! May we all be well, adapt and thrive.

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