Episode 122

Jyotish In A Nutshell Part 3 | Ayurveda, Upanishads and Vedic Astrology

Episode Topics

  • Our most valuable possession according to Ayurveda
  • The modern Jyotish and modern astrology view on time
  • The Ayurvedic view on time
  • Natural time aka Astrological time or Ayurvedic time is not mechanical
  • The days of the week and the planets
  • The planets and the hours of each day
  • The first hour of each day after sunrise is governed by the planet that also governs the day
  • Astrological hour vs chronological hour
  • The Byrds, Ayurveda and the Upanishads
  • An Ayurvedic view at Ezekiel and Ecclesiastes
  • Religion vs Astrology
  • Real Astrology goes hand in hand with real religion
  • Shrek and Ayurveda
  • Monday, Moon, Saturn and ayurvedic / natural time
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Audio Transcript

Hello, this is Tim 

And this is Vie and we welcome you to another episode of the spartan mind strength podcast.

And this is still part of our series of the Upanishads but it’s still again bringing more of the astrology aspect and more importantly time. 

Yes. Stay tuned. We’ll be right back.

And we’re back, and we’re going to talk about conspiracy theories. And the conspiracy theory is actually about today’s modern Jyotish and astrology people taking away our power. 

Last week, we were talking about how they were telling us that we can’t change our stars, that we’re born this way and that’s it.  This week we’re going to talk a little bit more about how they’re trying to take away our time. 

Yes. So Vie, tell me, tell me about my time.

Our time, our time is our most valuable possession

I think we’ve heard that before from you.

Yes. Anyone who’s taken out advanced ayurveda training knows that our most valuable possession is not even our mind. It’s actually our time. Once we use our time, it’s gone, that’s it. Our mind, we can recover.

Actually, after these 10 minutes, you’ll never get these 10 minutes back.

Exactly, exactly. So our most valuable possession is our time. However, even, even when we actually, even when we value our time, what we are missing more often than not, is the capabilities that our time has. 


We think, we say, okay, we are going to use our time wisely, right.

I attempt to.

Yes, for the most part.  The people who are listening to this right now, I think they probably are questioning themselves. 

But what happens is, we still don’t fully understand the ability that we have in terms of our time. We think that our time is linear. 

Ten o’clock is ten o’clock.

Exactly, we have a mechanical concept of our time. And also the other thing is, we've lost the natural sense of time, right.

We have artificial lighting, right, we have 24 hour shopping or things operating.


Exactly. Everything is - we have instant gratification, we have fast food even, like everything. So all of that has distorted the real concept of time, it has shifted -

Because making a good hamburger takes time.


Or you can go to McDonald’s and get a shitty hamburger for nothing, no time. 

Exactly. So we don’t know, we have lost, ayurvedically speaking, we’ve completely lost our relationship with the natural time. 

So even when we value our time, we still look at our time in a mechanical, in an artificial, in a superficial way.

The stars, the stars say that time is completely different than we think. 

And I know, Ezekiel -

From the Ecclesiastes, right from the Bible. 

Yes, from the Bible.

Okay. Yeah. I spent 12 years of my life supposedly studying the Bible.

And you did not do very well.

I did not do very well at it.

But anyways, a time for -

There is a time for everything, right.

Which is the Byrds. Great song. Great, great song.  Actually - 

It’s called “Turn, turn, turn”

And it's almost the entire verse verbatim from Ezekiel

So it says there is a time and purpose for everything. Every moment in time, the stars say, has a specific purpose. There is a time to gather stones.

There’s a time to live. There’s a time to die. 

There’s a time to gather stones. There’s a time to disperse stones. 

There’s a whole great song related to it. And we’ll put the link of the song. 

Yes, it’s an amazing song. And that’s like real, real traditional astrology. 

And that shows that astrology or the science of astrology is equal with religion. 

Exactly. With religion. 

Astrology, real astrology, traditional astrology is one and the same with religion, religion as it was meant to be. 

And actually, actually the astrology, the real astrology is what gives meaning to astronomy. Otherwise who cares, who cares about the celestial bodies, what does that mean to us.

So the astrology tells us the story of our life. 


And that came from Shrek, haha!

Shrek, the original, he said, you know, donkey was asking Shrek while they were lying under the stars. if he, if Shrek, would tell him his future and Shrek says the stars don’t predict your future, the stars tell you a story. 

Yes. And that’s what we’ve lost. We’ve now, we now expect that the stars will tell us exactly what we need to do, instead of telling us who we are.

Exactly, Telling us, showing us infinite possibilities. 

So it is actually hard to believe that, clocks -


Right, clocks, not Glocks, clocks.

Clocks. Glocks is a wholenother story.

That’s a whole different aspect to this.

-- that clocks give us the mechanical time, not the natural time. 

So the time used to be calculated completely differently, the astrological time. 

So everything goes based on the sun. And as we mentioned previously, the sun is the, the aspect of the divine. 


The highest power.

It’s all unlimited possibilities.

Unlimited possibilities, the sun. So the sun gives us our day and night. We have the sunrise to sunset and then we have sunset to sunrise. So it divides our day in two aspects. Right. 

Also we have the days, the days that are named after -

The gods.

The planets, right.  We have the day of the moon, the day of Mars, Tuesday and all that. Then Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. 


And the days are named actually based on the planet - this gets a little bit technical - based on the planet that governs, the first section that comes right at sunrise. 

Okay. So the Monday is based on - 

On moon, because moon governs the first astrological hour that comes at sunrise.

And just to toss this in, what’s the next astrological hour of Monday?


Yep. So you got the moon and then you have Saturn.

And actually what that means is -  come Monday morning, right - traditionally people dread Monday morning, right. 

They got to go back to work, they got to do whatever. Nobody, well very few people actually are looking really forward to Monday morning. 

I am.  I love Mondays.

Mondays usually are moody. So sunrise comes, you most likely don’t feel like getting up, doing whatever you’re supposed to do. And that’s the moon. That’s what the moon is. Acts like a baby, sometimes, fickle, finicky.

But then you have Saturn and forty minutes later or 80 minutes later, it depends on the astrological hour, it’s not 60 minutes - nothing is like that, that’s the mechanical time - then Saturn comes and then Saturn is all about discipline. And Saturn says - 

Let’s get to work, put your big pants, big boy pants on, put your mommy pants on, or your daddy pants on, and let’s start moving.

And behave and that’s Saturn.

So that’s a little quick thing about where the world is as far as astrology and astronomy, right?

Exactly. So the astrological time, which astrology is based on astronomy, the astrological time has infinite possibilities. Whereas the mechanical time, the chronological time says this is it. 

So understanding the astrological time makes you have more options, gives you a lot more options for your choices.

And clears, the ability to say, okay, this is why I’m this way right now.

Exactly. Say, you wanna, you wanna take action on a romantic relationship, the best time to do it is during the Venus hour on a Friday, which is day of Venus. So you are not gonna do it during the Mars hour of Mars 

On a Saturday or yeah, or Mars also.

So that’s what it’s all about.

So we’re going to be talking more about astrology and astronomy and Vedic philosophy and Jyotish in our next podcast. 

So say bye-bye because the astrology time is done.

Until next time, much, much love from both of us. May we all be well, adapt and thrive.

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