Episode 57

Published on:

24th Oct 2019

Sleepy Time - A Paleo Ayurvedic Look At Sleep


  • The song of the day is Enter Sandman by Metallica and can be found here: https://amzn.to/2pM9g1k
  • Tim tells a story from the past weekend
  • Real Ayurveda’s look at getting sleep
  • Sleep induces the good Kapha qualities and the much needed Tamas qualities
  • Contrary to what commodity Ayurveda and Yoga say, Tamas is good
  • Without proper Tamas you cannot fall asleep, you cannot pause, you cannot exist in human form
  • Sattva is about balance, Rajas is about activity and Tamas is about resilience
  • You need all three (Sattva, Rajas and Tamas) in order to thrive
  • If you do not have resilience, you do not have energy to withstand anything
  • It’s not only about the amount of sleep you get, it is also about the quality of sleep you get
  • Kapha is what prepares you for sleep
  • There are two main Kapha times in the day, the 4hrs (ish) following sunrise and the 4hrs (ish) following sunset
  • If you work shifts other than the regular day shift, you do NOT have to quit your job in order to get good sleep
  • You need to prepare yourself for sleep because you must have energy to go to sleep
  • If your nervous system is too depleted you cannot get good sleep and you end up in a vicious cycle of sleep deprivation without knowing you are in it
  • The Rain App that we talk about is this one: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/rain-rain-sleep-sounds/id478687481
  • It’s ok to change your sleeping schedule if you have to, instead of just fighting to go to sleep at a certain time when it’s not feasible
  • Changing your body temperature drastically during the day and/or evening will help you get great sleep
  • Hot Yoga has a lot of great benefits and solid sleep is one of them
  • If you do not have access to great hot yoga, a hot Epsom salt bath can help
  • Contact us for sessions of Electronic Gem Therapy podcast@spartanmindstrength.com
  • Look for our upcoming course on the Pulse Meditation Technique or contact us for personal one on one online training podcast@spartanmindstrength.com
  • During a session of sleep you must achieve both the REM state and the NREM state in order to feel inspired and refreshed
  • Oil application on the feet may work for some but it has not worked for us; it is too high maintenance
  • The vaseline movie reference Tim is making is from the 1996 Striptease with Burt Reynolds
  • The dance movie reference Tim is making is from the 1983 Risky Business with Tom Cruise
  • The internal nourishment of the body should take priority over the external nourishment
  • Make sure that your actions and words during the day will allow you to "go to sleep at night"
  • What do you want your last thought to be before falling asleep?
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It’s so funny how one “simple” word can have such a profound impact!

I just finished listening to episode 55. And, while I (of course) enjoyed the entire episode, I have to say that I LOVE the way you use “curiosity”! It’s definitely a challenge at times to remain unattached to outcomes and remain the observer. I feel like “curiosity” is the missing link to that equation! By approaching the situation through the perspective of the observer WITH CURIOSITY...that’s what makes it exciting to try new things without getting caught in the web of attachment!! Thank you for sharing that! (Where’s the exploding head emoji when you need it?)

Spartan Mind Strength Podcast! listening your podcasts and can not stop admiring your positivity and approach to life! Warm greetings to both of you! You are doing amazing job.

Love the podcast! These guys have the deepest and most relatable message about holistic well-being. Loved the series on chakras in a non-foo foo way.

Your podcast is my best companion when I am driving.
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