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Episode 2

Published on:

30th Sep 2018


SMS 002: Rocks, Coffee, Philosophy, Oh My!

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Brought to you by the Crystal Factor, Good Coffee and Global Ayurveda Conferences.


  • The new kid on the block.
  • Do you want an unfair advantage?
  • The placebo effect, reminders and intentions.
  • To cleanse or not to cleanse (crystals).
  • The good, the bad and the ugly of choosing a stone.
  • Mother Earth’s oldest adaptogens. 
  • Coffee as part of your morning ritual.
  • Do or die.
  • The dark side of meditation.

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Episode 1

Published on:

30th Sep 2018


SMS 001: Thriving with wine, yoga and olives.

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Brought to you by the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America and the CeNita Winery and Tasting Room in North Georgia. and


-- Commodity Ayurveda vs Raja Ayurveda and surviving vs thriving.

-- Is your mind making you sick?

-- Have you done the N = 1 experiment? 

-- Are you sure turmeric is your best friend? 

-- Do you drink enough wine?

-- Are you using the f word too often?

-- Are you giving the s word more value than you should?

-- Why we cheat in yoga.

-- The overrated yoga teacher and the forgotten hero inside.

-- Vie’s olive grove and the best Greek island you have not heard of yet.


The Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America can be found at and and the CeNita Winery and Tasting Room in North Georgia at



Published on:

27th Sep 2018


SMS 000: We will get better!

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A little bit about us and why you want to be listening to the Spartan Mind Strength Podcast!

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Paleo Ayurveda and Spartan Yoga
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Ancestral Sciences such as Paleo Ayurveda and Greek Medicine, Movement, Nutrition, Meditation, Breathwork, Stoicism, Tantra and Upanishads.

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Some of what our listeners have said:

I believe that working with the chakras helps with ALL aspects of life - including business! I love your podcast and have enjoyed all of the episodes about the chakras - both for personal growth and business! To anyone that has not yet listened to this podcast, I HIGHLY recommend it! Great information with practical methods for applying that knowledge to making transformational lifestyle choices.


It’s so funny how one “simple” word can have such a profound impact!

I just finished listening to episode 55. And, while I (of course) enjoyed the entire episode, I have to say that I LOVE the way you use “curiosity”! It’s definitely a challenge at times to remain unattached to outcomes and remain the observer. I feel like “curiosity” is the missing link to that equation! By approaching the situation through the perspective of the observer WITH CURIOSITY...that’s what makes it exciting to try new things without getting caught in the web of attachment!! Thank you for sharing that! (Where’s the exploding head emoji when you need it?) 🙏❤️🙏

Spartan Mind Strength Podcast 🙌 listening your podcasts and can not stop admiring your positivity and approach to life! Warm greetings to both of you! You are doing amazing job.
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Tim and Vie

- Vie Binga - a former mathematician and computer scientist is a lifestyle entrepreneur, outdoor adventurer, author and global teacher of Spartan Mind Strength™ which includes Paleo Āyurveda™, Meditation, Breathwork, Spartan Fitness™, and Power Yin™....... She loves to biohack blending science and nature, to enhance physical and mental performance, sharing her findings with others.......

She believes that high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution will always make an impact in people’s lives and the world.......

When she is not teaching or writing, she can be found rock climbing, surfing, whitewater kayaking or scuba diving................. .

- Tim Ganley - a former law enforcement officer and SWAT Leader/Trainer is a lifestyle entrepreneur, outdoor adventurer, author and global teacher of Meditation, Breathwork, Spartan Fitness™, Power Yin™, and Conscious Business......

He loves experimenting with disciplines that lead to physical and mental strength and endurance......

He believes that if people learn about the state of flow and practice building their life around it, the world will be much happier......

When he is not teaching or designing new programs, he can be found doing the same shit Vie is doing.